Examination Guidance
- ARRL/VEC Michinoku VE TEAM -


USD 15.00 (or 1,800 JPY).
Fee may subject to change due to the exchange rate.


The citizenship of the US is not necessary, however, mailing address within the US,
and obtaining FCC Registration Number(FRN) prior to an examination are required.


Maximum number of examinee at each examination is about fifteen due to the
limitation of the seats available. Therefore, reserving your seat in advance will be
highly recommended. Walk-ins are also allowed only if seats are available.

Application/registration for the exam is accepted through either postal mail and/or
the internet.

By postal mail:
Send following two items:
1, Registration form Entry example
2, 92 yen stamped SASE


By e-mail:
Send following item as an attached document:
1, Registration form Entry example
    Kazuhiko KUROI , AL5A

On the web screen:
Click here and fill out the form. Admission tickets will be sent to you 2 weeks
prior to the exam.

[Cancelation of the exam]

If no application is received 10 days before the examination date, the exam will be

[Items to bring at the exam]

1, Fee USD 15.00 or 1,800 Yen (Have the exact amount. No change is accepted)
2, Passport or ID(driver's license isseued by each state of US).
3, An orignal and a copy of the FCC license in effect if you have one.
4, An original and a copy of the CSCE in effect if you have one.
5, An original and a copy of any document to certify the exemption of the exam.
6, Stationaries and a calculater if needed

# Read this carefully prior to the exam.

[Question Pools]

All the questions are open and are available for download at ARRL/VEC web site.


Examinations are organized by Michinoku VE team members who are accredited
by ARRL/VEC. Each examiner is accredited on FCC CFR.47 Part97 and serves
as a volunteer basis. There is no relationship between this examination and the
affiliation of each examiner. Also, there is no relationship between the examination
site and the the organizer of the examination.

[For more details]

Kazuhiko KUROI , AL5A
Team Liaison
ARRL Michinoku VE Team