"We need a Progressive Rock Band!" It started when the idea flashed in Fukushima's mind. He started recruiting members for a one night only session.
Fukushima had played with Sawada several times in the same band and also with Uchida in some improvisational sessions. He was confident about his casting, believing that the three of them would make "something to happen".
They had a gig after only one rehearsal. The music for the gig was composed roughly during the rehearsal.
The gone night onlyh session was satisfying and promising. After the gig, Sawada remarked "I wanna do this again!". This turned the one-off session into a Band and they started jamming bimonthly. Their first cassette tape production was released in September 2000.
The band is now called "Mor-sof" for short, named by Uchida, and has been steadily building up its reputation and recognition.
2005 January ,Morihide Sawada(Drums) withdraw from The Band.
2005 2/28@break up.